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Property of MP Osmonbek Artykbaev arrested

The former head of the Ministry of Energy and now the deputy of the Parliament from SDPK faction Osmonbek Artykbaev is in custody on corruption charges. He is charged under a number of articles of the Criminal Code within an investigation into the modernization of Bishkek Heating and Power Plant.

The State Committee for National Security confirmed to 24.kg news agency that the property of the deputy and members of his family was arrested.

Property of Osmonbek Artykbaev:

— GAZ-53 motor vehicle manufactured in 1992;

— Audi 80 car made in 1992.

Property of Aydar Artykbaev:

— Lexus-LH570 car made in 2013;

— An apartment building located in Bishkek, 12, Zhenish Street;

— Non-residential premises, located in Bishkek, 58a, Erkindik Boulevard;

— Lexus-GX470 produced in 2007;

— Lexus-LH470 produced in 2006;

— Lexus-GX460 manufactured in 2011;

— Mercedes-Benz-E350 made in 2006;

— Land plot located in Alamudun district, 97/4, Aitmatov Avenue;

-Store located in Bishkek, Aitmatov Avenue, 97/4, apt. 1;

— Non-residential premises in Bishkek, 38, Kievskaya Street;

— An apartment building located at Geological Str. 28, Bishkek;

— Non-residential premises in Bishkek, 57, Baitik Baatyr;

— Non-residential premises, located in Bishkek city, Manas Ave., 8, apt. 5.

Shares in companies held by the Artykbaevs:

— Iygilik-Birimdikte NGO;

— Ak-Fond NGO;

— Joint Kyrgyz-Kazakh enterprise Petroleum K & K, Bishkek;

— Kelechek NGO.

Shares in the companies owned by Osmonbek Artykbaev’s wife — Raushan Artykbaeva:

— Lazurnaya Gavan LLC;

— Bi-Voet LLC;

— Bishlond LLC.