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Kyrgyzstan opens hotline for those who wish to quit smoking

Kyrgyzstan has opened a hotline for those, who want to quit smoking. The head of Health Protection Fund, Chynara Bekbasarova, told today at a press conference.

According to her, the study showed that many Kyrgyzstanis want to quit smoking, but do not know how. Sometimes, they lack motivation. The hotline will help at that moment.

Calling 2103, one can get all the necessary information on how to quit smoking.

«About 28 percent of those, who turned to us for help, give up smoking. A person, who wants to stop calls and asks for help, but he or she is not always sufficiently motivated. We have developed a program for this purpose,» she said.

She is sure that the Ministry of Health should allocate additional funds to counter smoking. Annually, the budget receives 6 million soms from the sale of cigarettes. It is offered to send at least a half of these funds to the Ministry of Health.