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Asiya Sasykbaeva: It is blasphemy to mark April events

The supporters of Ata Meken party hold a march dedicated to the anniversary of the April 2010 revolution.

According to the former vice speaker of the Parliament Asia Sasykbaeva, about 200 people take part in the march.

«The march started from K. Akiev Street and will end on Ata-Too Square. There we intend to lay flowers, read a memorial prayer. Those wishing will express their views on what we have achieved over the years, as well as about what our guys were killed for,» said Asiya Sasykbaeva.

She added that the supporters of Ata Meken do not consider this day a holiday.

«We believe that vital events occurred in Kyrgyzstan on this day. But it is a blasphemy to celebrate it, since our guys died, and there are no results of the goals and tasks set. In addition, we have done everything to aggravate the human rights, freedom of speech, movement issues. We killed the judicial system, we could not depoliticize the law enforcement agencies. But the most important thing is that in 2015 we violated the paragraph of the Constitution that we should not amend the Basic Law of the country. Since the time of the encroachment on the Constitution, the legality in the country has ceased to exist,» added Asiya Sasykbaeva.