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Topless DJ, arrested in Bishkek, calls Kyrgyzstan underdeveloped country

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Julia Mikhailova (DJ Julia Mixa), who was arrested in Bishkek for five days for performing topless in a nightclub, called Kyrgyzstan the most backward and underdeveloped country she had ever seen. She posted the comment in Instagram.

«Kyrgyzstan is blacklisted for all artists,» she wrote, expressing sympathy for all people living in Kyrgyzstan.

«After publication of photos with the performing topless girl in a social network, officers of the Pervomaysky district police department checked the nightclub. The collected materials were sent to the court, which on February 21 ruled to bring the DJ of the club to administrative responsibility in the form of arrest for five days. The administrator of the club was fined for 1,500 soms and got eight hours of community service,» the police department said earlier.

A day later, the girl was released from the temporary detention facility. Julia Mikhailova has already returned to her homeland — Kiev. After the incident, she deleted her Facebook account.