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Kyrgyzstan's GDP per capita reaches $1,900 in 2023

At year-end 2023, Kyrgyzstan’s GDP per capita reached $1,969.2. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce reported.

The ministry notes that from 2015 to 2020 GDP per capita showed low growth — on average by 1.6 percent. This is due to the impact of volatility in the financial market, moderate economic development and a period of stabilization of economic growth by an average of 4.3 percent.

An acceleration of economic growth has been observed since 2021, resulting in a significant increase in GDP per capita. Growth has averaged 17.3 percent.

Economic growth over the past three years has reached 6.9 percent on average (2021 — 105.5 percent, 2022 — 109 percent, 2023 — 106.2 percent).

According to preliminary estimates, last year’s GDP per capita reached $1,969.2 compared to 2021 figure of $1,350.7.

«If the achieved level of economic growth is maintained, by 2032 Kyrgyzstan can reach above-average income levels,» the Ministry of Economy noted.