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Bishkek hosts World Billiards Championship

The World Billiards Championship in «combined pyramid» discipline continues in Bishkek. The men’s preliminary round matches ended yesterday and the participants in the playoffs were determined.

As world champion Kanybek Sagynbaev noted, the tournament is held at the highest level — the modern tables, professional judges, live broadcasts.

The only thing that the organizers could not change was the frost in the capital. It is very cold in the hall where the World Championship is taking place. Many athletes were not ready for such a test.

24.kg journalist visited the competitions. There are not many spectators in the first days. Most likely, there will be more of them at the decisive matches on March 1-2.

At least 145 athletes (128 men and 17 women) take part in the competitions. Although representatives of more than 15 countries came to Bishkek, the main fight for medals will take place between representatives of Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The Kyrgyz Republic is represented by 34 athletes, including three-time world billiards champion Kanybek Sagynbaev and two-time world champion Dastan Lepshakov.

The prize fund is 3,350 million soms. The winners will receive 800,000 (among men) and 300,000 (among women).

It may seem that the billiards is boring and uninteresting. In fact, it is not just about pocketing balls, but a complex system of rules, tactics and combinations.

Come to the most exciting matches of the tournament to see it for yourself. And if you are not yet ready to pay for tickets, you can watch the games live.