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Kyrgyzstan starts printing its own passports

«We would like to share with you great news. For the first time in the history of the country, we ourselves began to print our national documents,» Erbol Sultanbaev, spokesman for the President of Kyrgyzstan, posted on Facebook.

He recalled that at the beginning of the year, President Sadyr Japarov announced that printing of national passports of citizens would soon be launched in Kyrgyzstan. Modern equipment was purchased for Uchkun State Printing House, and the process has begun.

«At all times, the passports of citizens of Kyrgyzstan were printed abroad. It’s no secret that this was a great field for the enrichment of individual unscrupulous officials and even the leaders of the criminal world,» Erbol Sultanbaev said.

The spokesman for the president said that, on average, the republic annually ordered up to 1.5 million ID cards and international passports abroad. Now they will be produced according to the latest technologies used in the most advanced countries.

«Earlier, there were facts when fake passports of Kyrgyzstan were detected abroad, and it was not always possible to establish the place of manufacture. A multi-valued protection system will be used now — in terms of the degree of protection, our passports will be on a par with the ten most advanced countries in the world. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to forge passports of Kyrgyzstan in the same quality,» he believes.

From now on, all national documents of citizens of Kyrgyzstan will be printed in the country, the process will be completely under the control of the state.

«It took one year to fight the passport mafia. If the head of state himself had not been at the head of this struggle, nothing would have happened. The passport mafia has been eliminated. If until today the documents were produced abroad, now passports will be printed on the territory of the country. Thus, we are able to save the money of the state and the people, without paying three times more for it,» he concluded.