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Ombudsperson of Kyrgyzstan discusses problems of migrants with Russian colleague

Ombudsperson of the Kyrgyz Republic Jamilya Jamanbayeva and Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova held a meeting with representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Russia.

The meeting took place at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia. The Ombudspersons of the two countries jointly received citizens. In addition, citizens of Kyrgyzstan staying in Russia were consulted on legal issues by representatives of the diplomatic mission of Kyrgyzstan, as well as employees of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia.

Jamilya Jamanbayeva noted that a lot of Kyrgyzstanis live and work in the Russian Federation, and assistance in ensuring their rights is one of the priority areas for the Institute of the Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«Diasporas play a huge role in detecting and helping to solve problems related to human rights violations. Thanks to your active interaction with our compatriots in Russia and the prompt informing of us, the authorities of the Russian Federation, the embassy, when our citizens have questions, it is possible to solve individual problems and protect human rights. There are a number of problems that the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic face on the territory of the Russian Federation, such as migration registration outside the place of residence, the issue of obtaining a compulsory medical insurance certificate for family members, amnesty for those who are on the black list, difficulties in enrolling children of migrant workers from the Kyrgyz Republic in schools in the Russian Federation, labor rights, in some cases — a rude attitude and others. Of course, we understand that it takes time to solve the aforementioned problems, and requires active assistance of other state bodies of the Russian Federation. On our part, we will make everything possible to promote human rights issues,» Jamilya Jamanbayeva said.

She noted that, together with the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, they have already begun to work out algorithms for solving the problems of migrants from Kyrgyzstan.

«For example, a draft protocol for joint interaction between the Human Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation and our institute has been developed, in which we outline our plans for cooperation until the end of 2024. Execution of this document, I am sure, will have a positive impact on the observance of human rights in our countries,» the Ombudsperson said.

Tatyana Moskalkova stressed that the problems of migrants voiced by the Kyrgyz diasporas will be discussed and resolved with representatives of government agencies in Russia, adding that one of the main tasks of the Commissioner is to communicate with people.