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Speaker of Parliament tells about freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan

An event on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic is held in the Parliament with the participation of the head of the Cabinet Akylbek Japarov, deputies, state, public figures and representatives of international organizations.

Speaking in Parliament, the Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiev noted existence of freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan.

«There is no such freedom of speech in many countries, and even in neighboring countries, in the region. But the question is responsibility for the spoken word. Parliament is also criticized, there are those among the deputies who condemn us. I would say to those who claim that there is no freedom, no democracy in Parliament: «They say what they want, criticize as they want.» If we forbade free speech, turned off the microphones, then we could be condemned. We are criticized all the time. It is a fact. That’s freedom of speech. The post-Soviet countries do not have such a free parliament as we have. It is happiness for the people that deputies say both good and bad from the rostrum,» Nurlanbek Shakiev said.

He stressed that the Constitution was adopted by 80 percent of the votes of the people.

«Whether we like it or not, we live and will live in accordance with the adopted Basic Law. If the time calls for change, then so be it,» the speaker said.