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Ex-speaker of Parliament proposed to be granted privileges

It is proposed to grant privileges to the ex-speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. The corresponding bill was drawn up and submitted for public discussion by deputies Nurzhigit Kadyrbekov and Zamirbek Mamasadykov.

As the background statement says, the draft law was drawn up in order to determine the status of the ex-speaker of the Parliament and assign additional rights to him on the part of the state.

The deputies note that citizens who have terminated their powers as a speaker, as former high-ranking officials, continue to remain important figures in the political and public life of Kyrgyzstan, continue to actively participate in various events, including at the international level, and also play a significant role in maintaining stability and development of the country.

«However, at present there is no clear legislative regulation of the status of the ex-speaker and the provision of appropriate guarantees to him by the state,» the document says.

The law will establish a clear legal status for the ex-speaker and will help strengthen the institution of speaker and increase the authority of this position.

The draft law proposes to provide the following privileges to the ex-speaker and his spouse:

  • The right to receive a diplomatic passport;
  • The right to free medical services;
  • The right to free use of halls for officials and delegations at airports, railway stations and stations.

The authors believe that providing additional rights to the ex-speaker will help ensure his active participation in the social and political life of the country and ensure the stability of the political system, increasing the prestige and efficiency of the Parliament, as well as providing some degree of social protection and guarantees to the former speakers.