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COVID-19: Perinatal mortality on rise in Kyrgyzstan

COVID-19 has a negative impact on the birth rate. Perinatal mortality has increased over the past two years. Telegram channel of the republican headquarters reports.

Perinatal period is the period from the 22nd week of pregnancy to 7 days after birth.

«For two years, the number of cases of such diseases and conditions as habitual abortions, antenatal (intrauterine) fetal deaths, delayed intrauterine development, missed miscarriage has increased,» obstetrician-gynecologist Ainura Omurbekova said.

She noted that fetal development delays occur when the mother is in good health. «Complications arise during childbirth and afterwards. Like it or not, you draw parallels with post-COVID complications,» Ainura Omurbekova added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health reported that 153,631 births took place in Kyrgyzstan in 2021, which is 429 less than in 2020, but the infant mortality rate was higher by 4.3 percent — 15.6 per 1,000 births and 15 per 1,000 births, respectively. The number of deaths of children under 12 months old increased by 90. At least 2,395 children died last year, while in 2020 — 2,305.

«Diseases and conditions that occur in the perinatal period (58.4 percent, or 1,398 children), congenital anomalies (17.3 percent, or 414 children), respiratory diseases (9.6 percent) take the first place in the structure of causes of infant mortality in the country as a whole,» the republican headquarters added.

At least 16 pregnant women died of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia in 2021.