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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan passes law on trade unions

The Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic for the 3rd time passed the draft law on trade unions and did not take into account the president’s remarks in full, and ignored the proposals of the trade unions. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union, Eldar Tadzhibaev, told.

According to him, if the document is signed, financial sanctions may be applied against Kyrgyzstan. Eldar Tadzhibaev notes that the draft law still infringes on the workers’ rights to freedom of association and grossly violates the conventions of the International Labor Organization ratified by Kyrgyzstan.

The entry into force of the law may influence the participation of Kyrgyzstan in the GSP + program.

Kyrgyzstan received this status from the European Union in early 2016. It gives Kyrgyz producers the right to export about 6,000 commodity items to Europe at zero tariff rates. One of the conditions for granting this status is the fulfillment of obligations under 27 international conventions on human rights, good governance, labor and environmental standards.

«Several UN Notes Verbales, objections of the International Labor Organization, international trade union associations, and non-governmental organizations were sent to the country’s leadership on this issue. About 70,000 signatures of citizens against the infringement of the rights to freedom of association and with an appeal to reject the anti-popular anti-constitutional draft law were collected and sent to the Executive Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. We call on the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov to use the constitutional right of veto again,» Eldar Tadzhibaev said.