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Sanitary control in public transport tightened in Bishkek

Sanitary control has been tightened in public transport in Bishkek city. Press service of the City Hall reported.

This is reportedly due to the new academic year, which will begin on September 15. «Mobile brigade of the Bishkek Trolleybus Directorate tightened control over the observance of sanitary standards in trolleybuses. A raid was carried out at the six busiest bus stops in Bishkek,» the City Hall reported.

The City Hall added that employees of the Bishkek Trolleybus Directorate conduct an explanatory conversation with passengers about the need to wear masks and observe distance in public transport, and also check the cleanliness of the trolleybus interior, appearance of the drivers and presence of hand sanitizers. At least 127 trolleybuses were checked.

Raids are held twice a week.

Bishkek City Hall asks passengers to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules when traveling by public transport.