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Budget deficit of Kyrgyzstan to reach 37.7 billion soms in 2020

Deficit of the republican budget of Kyrgyzstan for 2020 will amount to 37,724.3 billion soms. The Minister of Finance Baktygul Jeenbaeva told at online meeting of the Government the day before.

According to her, it is proposed to approve the republican budget for 2020 with incomes in the amount of 132,883.3 billion soms, taking into account grants from state investments. At the same time, expenditures will amount to 170, 607.6 billion soms excluding financial assets.

The budget deficit immediately grew 4.7 times compared with the planned one.

Compared with the budget approved for this year, revenues reduced by 30.8 billion soms, and expenditures - by 3 billion soms.