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Budget deficit amounts to 1.8 billion soms for 6 months of 2018

In January-June 2018, the deficit of the republican budget amounted to 1,847.6 billion soms. The Ministry of Finance reported.

The revenues of the republican budget amounted to 62,927.7 billion soms. At the same time, expenditures totaled 64,775.3 billion soms.

At the same time, the ratio of revenues of the state to local budgets shows a more even distribution of incomes and expenditures. The state budget received 70,622.7 billion soms for half a year, and 70,980.2 billion soms were spent. Thus, the deficit of the state budget for the half-year is estimated at 357.4 million soms.

As for the local budgets, they have a surplus of funds. The revenues of local budgets are estimated at 9,948.8 billion soms, and expenditures — 8,458.6 billion. Thus, the surplus of funds was formed in the amount of 1,490.2 billion soms.