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Kyrgyzstanis win medals at dance tournament in Russia

Kyrgyzstanis won medals at the Latin Quarter Cup 2020 International Tournament in sports ballroom dancing. The Dance Sport Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

The tournament was held in Krasnogorsk (Russia) with participation of 2,500 duets from 21 countries. Kyrgyzstanis Dmitry Blinkov — Asal Mambetova won ф gold medal in two categories: RS, Juniors 2 + 1, Latin American Program, Open Class and Juniors-2, up to B class, Latin American Program.

Kyrgyzstanis Howard Cholponbaev and Aibike Nurlanova won silver medal, Alexander Shefler and Kristina Melnikova won a bronze medal in other categories.

This is the annual tournament. Dancers from Kyrgyzstan won two medals in 2019.