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Kyrgyzstanis win Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Spain

Kyrgyzstanis took the 1st place at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Figueres (Spain). The team informed 24.kg news agency.

The tournament was attended by more than a thousand athletes from 14 countries. Kyrgyzstan was represented by eight gymnasts headed by a coach Svetlana Moiseeva. They competed in several age groups and types of programs.

Albina Kozubaeva took two first places (in exercises with a ball and a ribbon), and Sevara Khaitova took three (with clubs, a ball and all-around) first places. Adelina Danisova won the all-around competition, and Aibike Asenalkhanova took the 1st place in the exercise without a subject. Adelina Danisova, Aibike Asenalkhanova, Ruslan kyzy Tumaruuz, Aibike Ergeshova and Nuraim Sultankerimova were the best in the group exercise.

Albina Kozubaeva also won two silver medals. Sevara Khaitova, Adelina Danisova and Nuraim Sultankerimova also won silver medals. Alfinaz Mamadalieva won a bronze medal.