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Government of Kyrgyzstan to improve quality of life of senior citizens

The Government of Kyrgyzstan adopted an action plan to improve the quality of life of senior citizens for 2019-2025. The decision was signed by the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet said.

The plan was adopted in order to improve the quality of life and increase the social security of senior citizens.

Four priority areas have been chosen:

  • Equality and non-discrimination. Measures to prevent abuse and violence against senior citizens;
  • Prevention and promotion of health, increasing of access of senior citizens to quality medical services through improving the health care system and promoting active longevity;
  • Ensuring well-being at all stages of the life cycle of senior citizens. Poverty reduction among senior citizens;
  • Ensuring access of senior citizens to state and municipal services by development of the market of social services and expanding forms of support, including the non-state sector.

It is planned to analyze the medical and demographic indicators of morbidity and mortality in the elderly population in the categories of 60-74 years old, 75-89 years old, 90 years old and older.

The plans include development of criteria for the need of senior citizens in social services, regular monitoring of the work of social service organizations in the regions, creation of new forms of social services, such as «foster care», «patronage service», opening of rehabilitation and day care centers, health schools, hospices for the elderly.

A mobile health care service will be created to serve the elderly, living in remote and hard-to-reach area, with participation of specialists.

The action plan provides for introduction of mentoring mechanisms at enterprises and institutions for transfer of experience from older citizens to the younger generation.

To ensure leisure for the elderly, it is planned to systematically hold Active Longevity Festival, organize creative groups, volunteer movements and self-help groups among the senior citizens.

«Implementation of the plan will generally contribute to involvement of the elderly in the public life of the country, their social integration, an active and high-quality lifestyle,» the Government stressed.