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Peter Burian: Greatest wealth of Kyrgyzstan is nature

«The greatest wealth of Kyrgyzstan is its wonderful nature,» Ambassador Peter Burian, the European Union’s Special Representative for Central Asia, told reporters.

According to him, the EU sees a great potential for the development of tourism in Central Asia. But it must be approached as a regional one. Therefore, the EU positively perceives the idea of ​​creating a single tourist visa for all countries of Central Asia, the so-called Silk Road visa. In this case, tourists, having obtained a visa in one state, could travel throughout the region.

«The second aspect is the infrastructure for tourism. It is necessary to combine two things here — construction and environment protection. After all, the most important wealth of Kyrgyzstan is its nature. Therefore, we include this issue in the program of our cooperation in the framework of experience exchange, which should contribute to the development of the tourist potential of not only the country, but also the region,» said Peter Burian.