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Woman injured during fight at school in Krasnaya Rechka village

Several women started a fight at a school in Krasnaya Rechka village. A source in law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

As a result of the fight, one woman was hospitalized with beatings and a penetrating wound.

The press service of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Chui region told 24.kg news agency that the incident occurred on May 21 at approximately 12.00 in one of the classrooms of the educational institution in Krasnaya Rechka village.

«A 36-year-old woman contacted the police and asked to take action against three women. According to the applicant, they attacked her without any reason and inflicted several blows with a sharp object,» the police noted.

The fact was registered under the article «Hooliganism» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Expertise has been ordered, based on the results of which the case may be reclassified to a more serious offense.

Law enforcement officers detained a 40-year-old resident of the village of Krasnaya Rechka, who was placed in a temporary detention facility. The investigation continues.