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Bishkek City Hall strengthens cooperation with NGOs

A meeting of representatives of non-governmental organizations and the City Hall of the capital was held in the administration of Oktyabrsky district within the framework of Open Bishkek project. Press service of the City Hall reported.

The goal of the project is to strengthen cooperation between the City Hall and civil society organizations in Bishkek. It is aimed at creating a platform where local government bodies, together with citizens, implement ideas, tools and mechanisms for openness and accountability of the local government bodies.

The initiators of the project are the Development Policy Institute and the Bishkek Development and Investment Promotion Agency.

«By supporting Open Bishkek initiative, the City Hall shows that the opinion of civil society is important for the city and we are interested in strengthening cooperation,» Kurmanbek Moldokulov, director of the City Development Agency said.

Azamat Mamytov, the project organizer from Development Policy Institute, noted that Open Bishkek Committee would represent the interests of local government bodies and civil society in the capital on a parity basis: three representatives from each side.

«Many developed European cities use this experience of cooperation, and they have successful results,» he said.

At the end of the meeting, the participants elected six members of the committee. Representatives from the Bishkek City Hall:

  • First Deputy Mayor Mirlanbek Baigonchokov;
  • Director of the Bishkek City Development and Investment Promotion Agency Kurmanbek Moldokulov;
  • Head of the Department of Economy and Finance of the City Hall Kubanychbek Kudabaev.

Representatives from the civil sector:

  • Chairwoman of Women’s Democratic Network Public Foundation Gulzhan Baibetova;
  • Director of Soopker Public Foundation Adilat Saparbaeva;
  • Coordinator of Archa Public Foiundation Dmitry Pereyaslavsky.