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Kyrgyz officials to create another holding - Amanat

The State Property Management Fund of Kyrgyzstan intends to create Amanat National Holding Company JSC. Its head Mirlan Bakirov told journalists.

According to him, the holding will include several large joint-stock companies.

He added that Amanat is planned to be created under the State Property Fund, it will include 16 open joint-stock companies, including Kyrgyzaltyn, Neftegaz, Manas International Airport OJSC, some banks and other enterprises.

Mirlan Bakirov noted that this holding will differ from previously created ones. The Amanat project is planned to be implemented in the form of an open joint stock company on the basis of large and profitable companies.

He estimates the authorized capital of this National Holding at 100 million soms.

According to the head of the State Property Management Fund, one of the main tasks of Amanat is the entry of local companies with state participation into international stock markets.

The initiative is still being considered by the Cabinet.

Earlier, Heritage of Great Nomads National Holding was created in Kyrgyzstan by the decision of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Japarov. It is headed by Tengiz Bolturuk. He presented 32 projects to the President of the country. The initiatives presented include construction of a cement plant in Issyk-Kul region, project for development of Kavak lignite basin, development of Kuttisai, Taldy-Bulak, Andash deposits, construction of Chon-Kemin hydropower station, Kara-Kul and Orto-Tokoi hydropower plants, the project for support and development of educational and IT spheres, construction of industrial and processing enterprises.