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Cost of food in kindergartens and schools increased in Bishkek

The cost of food in kindergartens and schools of Bishkek has increased since May 1. Press service of the Bishkek City Hall reported.

According to its data, this happened on the basis of a resolution of the Bishkek City Council.

«To ensure a full-fledged balanced and high-calorie nutrition in pre-school educational organizations and schools of the city, nutritional norms for children have been increased at the expense of the local budget,» the City Hall noted.

The cost of food in kindergartens:

  • Up to three years old per child per day — 100 soms (the previous norm — 58 soms);
  • From three to seven years old at the rate of 120 soms per child per day (former norm — 60 soms);
  • For children with mental and physical handicaps and in groups with twenty-four-hour attendance — 120 soms;
  • For children with tuberculosis — 150 soms (previous norm — 95 soms).

 The City Hall stressed that according to the presidential decree on the maintenance of children in preschool organizations of the republic, the co-payment principle is applied: 50 percent is paid by the City Hall and the rest — by parents.

The cost of meals in schools:

  • In general education organizations for orphans and children from low-income families: 5-7th graders from socially vulnerable families — 22 soms (the previous norm — 14 soms);
  • In general education organizations for children in 1st −4th grades — 22 soms (previous standard — 14 soms);
  • In general education organizations for children with mental and physical disabilities — 36 soms (previous standard — 28 soms);
  • In boarding groups for children at secondary boarding school 71 and boarding school 1 named after Kanimetov — 200 soms (previous standard — 110 soms);
  • Food for children from low-income families in pre-school camps — 44 soms.