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Grigory Mikhailov leaves StanRadar project

StanRadar website, which specialized in news and analysis of the situation in Central Asia, has new owner. Grigory Mikhailov, the website’s former editor-in-chief, announced on his Facebook page.

«Owner of the website has changed since December 15, 2021. The team that worked on StanRadar’s development since its launch in January 2013 is leaving the project. This is a voluntary decision that has nothing to do with politics. For eight years we have published articles, interviews, commentaries, reviews, dossiers... All in all, almost 50,000 materials about the situation in Central Asia and beyond,» the statment says.

At the beginning of last year, the StanRadar team reported that the website was blocked in Kyrgyzstan. The restrictions were linked to the upcoming parliamentary elections in the republic.

It is worth recalling that the journalist Grigory Mikhailov was expelled from Kyrgyzstan in March 2017. He was stopped on the street by police officers and two men in civilian clothes under the pretext of checking documents. It turned out that Mikhailov’s registration had expired.

Such a violation implied payment of a fine of 10,000 soms. However, it was explained to the journalist that the rules had changed and he had to leave the country within 24 hours.

Grigory Mikhailov left Kyrgyzstan together with his wife Evgeniya Li.