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Number of people with disabilities increases by 10.5 percent for 5 years

The number of people with disabilities has increased by 10.5 percent for five years. Such data are provided by the National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan.

According to the study, as of January 1, 2021, at least 198,000 people with disabilities were registered in Kyrgyzstan that is about 3 percent of the total population. Over the past five years, their number has increased by 10.5 percent.

More than 165,000 of the total number of people with disabilities are adults. The number of children with disabilities under 18 years old is more than 32,000.

The increase in the number of children with disabilities is mainly due to the improvement of diagnostics and their detection in children. Poor health of mothers, anemia and iodine deficiency states, diseases during pregnancy (intrauterine infections, influenza and others), unsatisfactory environmental conditions also lead to the birth of sick and weakened, premature babies who do not survive or subsequently become disabled.