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MPs propose to increase social allowances annually

Five deputies of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan — Natalya Nikitenko, Alfiya Samigullina, Burun Amanova, Yevgenia Strokova and Ulan Primov — initiated a bill to increase state allowances.

They propose to assign to the Cabinet of Ministers the obligation on an annual basis to gradually raise the size of payments and the size of the guaranteed minimum income, as well as to adjust them annually to a level not lower than inflation for the previous year.

The authors believe that these legislative changes will ensure implementation in practice of the guarantees established by the Constitution for the size of allowances in an amount not lower than the subsistence level.

In addition, according to the reporting data of the relevant ministry, since 2019, territorial social development departments have been receiving the necessary information regarding citizens from other state and municipal bodies and institutions through Tunduk interdepartmental electronic interaction system, in connection with which citizens of Kyrgyzstan are not required to submit the necessary certificates.

However, these requirements are still not excluded from the regulatory legal acts. MPs say this creates corruption risks and can be used by unscrupulous employees to make unreasonable demands.

The deputies also propose to supplement the types of state allowances with a monthly social allowance. The draft law has been submitted for public discussion.