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50 citizens of Kyrgyzstan injured in pedestrian crossing collapse in Stupino

At least 50 citizens of Kyrgyzstan were injured when a pedestrian crossing collapsed in Moscow Oblast of Russia yesterday. Russian media report.

According to preliminary data, four Kyrgyzstanis are in serious condition, they were hospitalized.

The pedestrian crossing collapsed yesterday morning in the workshop of Logistic-Sidorovo FM enterprise. It hit engineering communications. One of the versions of the accident is overload. The prosecutor’s office of the Moscow Oblast has begun an investigation into the incident. The governor of the Oblast, Andrei Vorobyov, instructed the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Oblast and Stupino administration to provide the necessary assistance to the victims.

According to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation, a total of 169 Kyrgyzstanis worked at the Logistic-Sidorovo FM enterprise.