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About 3,000 Kyrgyzstanis await return home near Orenburg

More than 3,500 Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, who have gathered at the Russian-Kazakh border in Orenburg and Samara Oblasts of Russia, started heading for home. RIA Novosti reports with reference to the government of Orenburg Oblast.

The citizens of Kyrgyzstan have already begun to be transported across the border of Kazakhstan. The total number of Kyrgyzstanis staying there is almost 3,000 people. About 500 citizens of Uzbekistan, also awaiting an opportunity to return home by prior arrangement, will be able to cross the border on August 6.

«It is not the first time when our oblast has become a platform on which people who are misled by inaccurate information find themselves waiting for an opportunity to return home. They are tired, but the wait ends: in the coming days they will be able to go home,» the press service of the Russian government quotes the Governor of Orenburg Oblast Denis Pasler as saying.

The regional government said that there are many elderly, pregnant women and children in the tent camp where the migrants live.

«Despite the fact that the solution of border crossing issues is not in the competence of the regional authorities, the regional government is doing everything possible to help people misled by rumors about a customs corridor on the border with Kazakhstan. We supply them with water and electricity,» the government of the oblast informed.