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System of remote identification of citizens to be launched in Kyrgyzstan

Implementation of a pilot project to test a new system of remote identification of citizens is planned in the first half of 2020 in Kyrgyzstan. The National Bank of the country reports.

A working meeting between the Chairman of the National Bank Tolkunbek Abdygulov and representatives of state bodies took place yesterday. It was also attended by the heads of the State Registration Service Almaz Mambetov and the State Communications Committee Dastan Dogoev. The parties discussed issues of interaction between departments in implementation of digital methods of identification and verification of identity necessary to perform legally significant actions between the parties of the agreement in electronic form. Possibility of use of cloud electronic signatures infrastructure was also discussed.

«Use of such methods of identification and verification of a person will allow commercial banks to provide banking services to a wider circle of citizens through remote service channels. Moreover, special attention during the discussion was paid to the fact that such a system should comply with all safety and reliability standards. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on creation of an interagency working group. Its tasks will include determining the most effective mechanisms for implementation of the system of identification and verification of personality in the provision of state and banking services,» the National Bank stressed.