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Digital library working without the Internet access created in Kyrgyzstan

A digital library for schools and public libraries Ilim Box was invented in Kyrgyzstan. Creators of the project told.

The system contains Wikipedia in Kyrgyz, Russian and English, materials of the Khan Academy in English, thousands of video lessons, audio and electronic books. All digital learning materials are available offline. It can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, computers and any other personal devices with Wi-Fi technology.

«We downloaded the online content to a hard drive attached a small computer, which also acts as a Wi-Fi router. Any user can download the necessary information to his computer or smartphone. Most importantly, user only gets access to educational resources. He or she will not have access to social networking sites and other entertainment content,» said Talant Sultanov, representative of the Internet Society in Kyrgyzstan (ISOC).

The IlimBox device has already been installed at 70 schools in Issyk-Kul, Talas and Chui regions. It is planned to cover all regions of Kyrgyzstan with the project and install IlimBox at schools experiencing problems with access to the Internet. Each educational institution gets the device for free.