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Mayor of Toktogul detained for raider seizure of deposit

The mayor of Toktogul was detained for organizing a raider seizure of a deposit and its illegal exploitation, as well as for connections with an organized crime group. The press center of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Kyrgyzstan reported.

In the course of work to identify and suppress possible criminal connections between government officials and members of organized crime groups, it was found out that a raider seizure of a quartz deposit in Toktogul district was organized by the mayor, who acted in collusion with members of an organized crime group.

«In 2022, the man, being the head of the rural administration, invited the owner of the deposit to jointly mine and sell quartz. Having been refused, he attracted unknown persons, including I.B.A., who introduced himself as «enforcer» in Toktogul from the organized crime group of Chyngyz Dzhumagulov, nicknamed Doo Chyngyz. By using physical force, as well as threats against family members, they forced the private entrepreneur to transfer 50 percent of the enterprise’s share to them, registering it in the name of the current mayor’s son,» the SCNS noted.

Quartz was illegally mined and sold at the field, and the mayor of Toktogul together with the «enforcer» received the income.

«At the same time, production was carried out with gross violations of environmental and technical requirements, as a result of which the state suffered damage amounting to more than 74 million soms,» the state committee added.

The mayor of Toktogul, his son, as well as the member of the organized crime group I.B.A. were detained and placed in a temporary detention facility. An investigation is underway.