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Manaschi Rysbai Isakov enters Guinness Book of Records

Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, manaschi Rysbai Isakov entered the Guinness Book of Records, having recited the Manas epic for 124 hours. Press service of the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan reported.

Rysbai Isakov had been reciting the epic live in the city of Bursa, Turkey, for more than five days. Unlike the narrator Doolot Sydykov, who continuously recited the epic for 14 hours and 27 minutes in Bishkek, the manaschi went away for a short sleep and quick meal.

Earlier, Doolot Sydykov, a manaschi who left Kyrgyzstan, criticized Rysbai Isakov for reciting the epic in Bursa.

«The rules of the Guinness Book of Records are not observed: the manaschi drinks water, eats, moves away from the topic, uses words that are not related to Manas. I was once again convinced that the Minister of Culture Azamat Zhamankulov, the Secretary General of TURKSOY Sultan Raev do not understand Manas,» Doolot Sydykov said.

Manaschi turned to scientists, experts in Manas, folklorists and asked to listen to the performance and study it. «No one has the right to desecrate reciting of the epic. We are obliged to observe its classic way,» the manaschi concluded.

The week of Manas was held in the city of Bursa with the support of the President Sadyr Japarov as part of the IV World Nomad Games. The organizer was the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY).