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Turkey supplies Bayraktar UAVs to Tajikistan

Deputies are considering the candidacy of Jeenbek Kulubaev for the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs today at a meeting of Parliament.

Deputy Mirlan Samyikozho noted that information appeared on social media that Turkey supplies Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles to Tajikistan. He asked to clarify whether this information was true.

Jeenbek Kulubaev confirmed that the Tajik side purchased drones from Turkey.

«Yes it’s true. Turkey sent Bayraktars to Tajikistan. Earlier, we asked the Turkish side to be careful in this matter, since the problems between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan have not yet been resolved. We asked not to sell drones to neighboring countries. They answered that it was business, the issue of building up military-technical cooperation. We will negotiate with the Turkish side after receiving all the information,» he said.