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Members of drug gang operating in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan detained

Members of an international criminal group involved in drug trafficking on an especially large scale on the territory of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were detained. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

«The drugs were supplied from Tajikistan. The gang consisted of several units, the functions of which were clearly delimited. The drug dealers carefully followed the measures of secrecy, acted strictly according to the instructions,» the statement says.

The criminals came in sight of investigators at the beginning of the year. In the summer, the employees of the State Service on Drug Control managed to detain a part of the drug gang in Chui region. During a search, they found 736 grams of opium and 4 kilograms of hashish.

«The rest of the members and its organizer, a citizen of Tajikistan, were detained in Kazakhstan. During the arrest, 7,200 grams of opium and 1,100 grams of hashish were seized,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Work to identify all members of the gang and drug supply channels from Afghanistan continues.