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Seven citizens of Kyrgyzstan detained in Tajikistan

Seven citizens of Kyrgyzstan were detained in Tajikistan. Presidential envoy to Batken region, Abdikarim Alimbaev, told at a press conference.

According to him, the parties hold negotiations over the exchange of the detainees.

«As it is known, some of the border villages are close to each other, and people happen to cross the border. Seven of our citizens are detained in Tajikistan, we also have detainees. We received information that two Kyrgyzstanis were convicted in Tajikistan for illegal crossing of the border. Negotiations are underway to return them to their home country. Tajik citizens will also be prosecuted under our laws. Then, if the laws allow it, we will hand them over,» Abdikarim Alimbaev said.

According to relatives, trial of Aidarbek Khaidarov, a 24-year-old student and two other Kyrgyzstanis took place in Tajikistan in early December. Aidarbek Khaidarov was sentenced to two years in prison, other Kyrgyzstanis received longer sentences.

Office of the presidential envoy to Batken region did not confirm this information at the time. The regional administration has been waiting for a response to its request from the Tajik side for two weeks.