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Kamchybek Tashiev: Disputed areas issue remains unresolved

There is no final decision on the disputed areas at the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. The Chairman of the State Committee for National Security, head of the intergovernmental commission on the demarcation and delimitation of some sections of the state border Kamchybek Tashiev, told at a press conference.

According to him, in accordance with the protocol signed on May 1, 2021, a 36-kilometer-long section is being delimited in Kulundu rural area of Leilek district in Batken region.

«Decision was made on areas that are not disputed in the last protocol. These are, so to say, fields and mountains that correspond to the 1991 maps. At least 36 kilometers have been delimited up to Kulundu rural area. There is no agreement on the disputed sections yet,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

The head of the State Committee for National Security noted that the border issue was also discussed during the visit of the President Sadyr Japarov to Dushanbe.

«Emomali Rahmon and Sadyr Japarov spent 5-6 hours one-on-one discussing the border on the basis of documents and maps, but there is no progress yet,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

He believes that the countries of Central Asia should adhere to the Almaty Declaration, signed in 1991.

«This declaration was signed by 6-7 countries. This is the law. It must be executed, but our neighbors want it differently,» Kamchybek Tashiev said.

The Almaty Declaration was signed on December 21, 1991 by 11 former republics of the USSR. It contains provisions on interaction of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), created on December 8.

One of the important points of the document is that the countries have documented recognition and respect for the territorial integrity of each other and the inviolability of existing borders.