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Kyrgyzstan needs to license religious educational institutions

It is necessary to license religious educational institutions in the country. The head of the Commission on Religious Affairs under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Azimzhan Ergeshov told today at a press conference.

According to him, in Kyrgyzstan, only the Islamic University received a license for the training of theologians in 2017.

«There is also a restriction too. The Islamic University received licenses only for the training of 30 theologians per year. And so we teach the youth for four years, but in the end we can not give any document confirmed by the state,» said Azimzhan Ergeshov.

According to the Commission on Religious Affairs, there are 97 madrasahs, one university and 7 Islamic institutes in Kyrgyzstan. 16 madrassas train girls, and the rest train the young men.

«According to the law on religious education, those who have full or incomplete secondary education, that is, boys and girls only after the 9th grade, can study at madrassas,» said Azimzhan Ergeshov.