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Foreign Affairs Ministry confirms Kazakhstan’s citizenship of arrested MP

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan sent a note to the Kyrgyz Foreign Affaits Ministry notifying that the deputy of the Parliament, Asylbek uulu Damirbek, who was arrested in Almaty, has the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sources in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic informed 24.kg news agency.

It is specified that the official communication continue between the two agencies in connection with the completed large-scale special operation to stop illegal activities in Kazakhstan due to the fact that citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic were previously detained in Almaty.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 35 suspects were detained, including three Kyrgyz citizens, customs officials, border officials, brokers, mediators, and members of organized criminal groups. 33 of them were arrested by the court ruling.

Special operation was preceded by a long operational development. The stable schemes of smuggling of consumer goods through customs posts Altynkol, Kalzhat and Khorgos in Kazakh-Chinese, Kordai and Karasu in Kazakh-Kyrgyz and Saryagash, Kazygurt, Atameken, Kaplanbek in the Kazakh-Uzbek sections of the border were detected and documented.

The smuggled goods were imported to Kazakhstan from China directly, and via Kyrgyzstan, using shadow schemes of customs administration and forged documents. Asylbek uulu Damirbek was officially charged with smuggling.