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How much Kyrgyzstan to earn on exporting electricity to Uzbekistan

Head of the National Energy Holding of Kyrgyzstan Aibek Kaliev told today at a press conference about the export of electricity to Uzbekistan.

According to him, in order to effectively use Toktogul reservoir in 2018, an agreement to supply electricity to Uzbekistan was concluded. The export began on December 20. Before March it is planned to sell 550 million kilowatt-hours. The cost of one kilowatt-hour under the contract is 2.4 cents.

If Kyrgyzstan delivers the entire amount at the named price, it will be possible to earn $ 13.2 million.

«The money will be spent mainly on equipment repairs. As for the volume of supplies, we will proceed from the water-energy balance in Kyrgyzstan. We do not have a goal to sell all agreed volume. We will sell the excess surplus,» Aibek Kaliev said.