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Kazakhstan says: infected fruits and vegetables brought from Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan claims that infected fruits and vegetables are being brought from Kyrgyzstan. It threatens to re-introduce phytosanitary control at the border. This was reported by the agency Tengrinews.kz with reference to the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan.

According to it, 835 vehicles of Kyrgyz carriers were checked from October 10 to 17.  One in eight of them followed with gross violations of the transport legislation of Kazakhstan. As a result, administrative fines were imposed for 5.6 million tenge.

«Since the beginning of strengthening phytosanitary control, 127 trucks have been inspected. A total of 20 violations were detected. The total weight of the returned product is 202 tons. Three quarantine objects were identified: the Comstock worm, the eastern moth and the Asian fruit fly,» the report said.

So, on October 6, a quarantine pest — Comstock worm was discovered at the border control point Karasu in Zhambyl region, when the cargo of 20.6 tons (persimmon, pomegranate, grapes) of Volvo 6884 truck, following from Kyrgyzstan, was inspected.

On the same day, at the Kordai checkpoint in Zhambyl region, while inspecting cargo with apples in the amount of 2.9 tons of a Mercedes heavy truck, following to Shymkent, a quarantine pest was discovered — the eastern seedworm.

On October 16, a batch of three tons of grapes was detained at Barys section of Kordai district of Zhambyl region, following to Almaty was infected with Asian berry fruit fly.

If violations of phytosanitary requirements are detected systematically on the part of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan’s phytosanitary service will be forced to impose restrictions on the import and transit of controlled products from Kyrgyzstan.

Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan