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Manas airport earns $540,000 on flights with Pakistanis

Manas airport earned $540,000 on flights with Pakistanis. Chairman of the Board of Manas International Airport OJSC Bakyt Sharsheev stated at a meeting of the Committee for Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, to date, 12,000 citizens of Pakistan, India and other Asian countries have arrived in Kyrgyzstan.

«These people fly to the United Arab Emirates to work in the same way as our migrants go to Moscow and other Russian cities. There are restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Dubai is open now, and people fly there directly. There are those, who came to Kyrgyzstan earlier. There are about 12,000 of them in total, there are those who left the country,» Bakyt Sharsheev said.