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Kyrgyzstan uses only one tenth of potential in EAEU

«The agriculture of Kyrgyzstan has a huge potential in the market of the Eurasian Economic Union, but we use less than 10 percent,» the Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan, Tilek Toktogaziev, told reporters today.

According to him, the country should clearly understand what competitive advantages it has over other EAEU states. He is sure that it is not worth doing everything. Due to natural conditions and limited resources, Kyrgyzstan cannot compete with neighboring states in some sectors. One should not stake on them. The minister cited the example of a peasant farm that grows seeds.

«We talked with its director, who says that earlier they bet on grain crops, now they are starting to work with garlic. There are certain subsidies in this industry, if farmers want to buy seeds. This is made in order they can buy better quality seeds. Little by little, peasant farms are switching to more marginal and profitable sectors,» Tilek Toktogaziev noted.