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Three Kyrgyz students leave Hong Kong city

Three students from Kyrgyzstan studying in Hong Kong left the rebellious city. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

In connection with the situation in Xianggang (Hong Kong) city, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the PRC, in cooperation with the Consulate General in Guangzhou, renders all possible assistance to compatriots in the city.

Three out of 42 students left the city, the rest plan to leave it by the next flights.

«We would like to stress that students from Kyrgyzstan are in constant contact with the Embassy and the Consulate General. With the assistance of the Chinese side, they were placed in safe places. The Consul General of the Kyrgyz Republic in Guangzhou left for Hong Kong,» the Foreign Ministry noted.

The diplomatic mission of Kyrgyzstan in Beijing has agreed with a travel company on the purchase of airline tickets with deferment of payment for students from Kyrgyzstan, who have financial difficulties.

«Students from other countries leave Hong Kong on their own and special evacuation by official bodies is not carried out. Constant contact is maintained with the state bodies of China and ambassadors of a number of CIS countries on this issue to coordinate efforts to provide the necessary assistance to students,» the Foreign Ministry stressed.

In case of any emergency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks to call the following contact numbers:

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in China:


+8618611736340 (WhatsApp, WeChat);



Consulate General of the Kyrgyz Republic in Guangzhou (PRC):



Protests continue in Hong Kong over the past six months. Readers contacted 24.kg news agency complaining about inaction of diplomatic missions in China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. Concerned parents ask to help students from Kyrgyzstan who study in Hong Kong.