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Foreign Ministry ignores requests to evacuate Kyrgyz students from Hong Kong

Parents of Kyrgyz students studying in Hong Kong contacted 24.kg news agency. They complain about inaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Recall, protests continue in Hong Kong for several months. Initially, people came out to the streets to express their disagreement with an amendment to the extradition law, but even after the authorities decided to cancel this amendment to the law, protesters continue to riot in the city.

Foreign Affairs Ministries of countries, whose students study at universities in the rebellious city, urgently take them out through diplomatic missions accredited in China. Parents of students from Kyrgyzstan say that only the Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan does not respond to their requests for evacuation.

«Embassies of other countries evacuated their students, but ours do nothing. Students and teachers were taken out and they are trying to send them to their homeland. Our children turned to the Kazakhs, but they are busy with their students. Police waited for foreign students to leave, they will storm the university captured by the protesters after the evacuation. But students need to be taken out of the island, but there are no flights, and our embassy is silent,» worried parents write.

«I am the mother of students. In Osh city, parents are preparing a letter of appeal to the Kyrgyz Government for financial assistance, as one of the students does not have money for a ticket,» Dinara Zhunusova also wrote to 24.kg news agency.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan explained to 24.kg news agency that they were aware of these statements. The ministry contacted the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Beijing regarding evacuation of Kyrgyz students from the island. However, none of the students has left Hong Kong so far.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks to address all question at +996312626559 or directly to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in China: +861064681348. You can also contact the diplomatic mission by e-mail krembassychina@163.com.