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Temir Sariev: There should be no division into North and South in Kyrgyzstan

"There should be no division into North and South, on the national or some other criteria. We are one people - the Kyrgyz, and everyone should feel comfortable in this country," the former Prime Minister of the KR Temir Sariev said today at a conference in Bishkek.

"It all starts with order and discipline. The country needs peace and harmony," he said.

"The world is full of challenges, and we need to find the right answers to them. We are in the center of the Eurasian region, and it makes our country attractive to all sorts of provocations. The answer to them is stable foreign policy. To live with all nearest neighbors in the world and to cooperate with the rest of the world - that what we shall do," Temir Sariev said.

"We all understand that we stand on the threshold of significant changes in our country, on the threshold of the presidential elections, which will determine the main directions of development of Kyrgyzstan in the coming years," ex-prime minister said.