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Number of Kyrgyz migrants in Russia grows by 2 percent for a month

Number of Kyrgyz migrants in Russia grew by 2 percent for a month. Russian media reported with reference to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

According to it, as of today, more than 3.21 million citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are working in Russia. The number of migrant workers from Tajikistan in the last month decreased by 3.8 percent and amounted to 862,300 people. The number of the Uzbeks dropped even more - by 4.1 percent. There are 1.8 million of Uzbek citizens in Russia at the time.

"Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, in contrast to its neighbors in the region, started leaving the country for Russia in search of living more often after joining the EEU. Over the past month, their number increased by 2 percent, reaching 553, 900," statement said.

 It should be noted that Kyrgyzstan became a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union on August 12, 2015. This facilitated the procedure of stay and employment of domestic migrant workers in other countries - participants of the union. In particular, the agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Russia increased length of stay of the Kyrgyzstanis in Russia without registration from 7 to 30 days.