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Azamat Sydykov: Music - that's my policy

Long and difficult path - M. Abdrayev Special Music School in Bishkek, study at the Central Music School in Moscow and the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, post-graduate school under it- preceded the current success of the young and gifted pianist from Kyrgyzstan Azamat Sydykov.

 Currently, Azamat Sydykov is a postgraduate student at Mannes College of Music in New York (USA). As it became known a few days ago, he gives the first solo music concert at one of the world's most prestigious venues for classical music - Carnegie Hall. Correspondent of  24.kg news agency started conversation with the pianist with this joyful and pleasant topic.

 - How and from whom did you receive an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall?

- My teacher, Professor Pavlina Dokovskaya, dean of Mannes Piano Department, wanted to introduce me to New York audience in this hall and organize my concert for a long time. This year we, to our delight, found a kind and generous man - head of a large South Korean Company Lee John Buck, thanks to whom the event will take place.

 But first of all, I am grateful to my professor and concert manager in one.

- It is known that you will perform works of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Liszt at the concert. Why did you choose these composers? 

- Both of them take a special place in my life and my repertoire. The maestros were, primarily, distinguished pianists, who have made a huge contribution to the development of piano performing art. Personally I can not imagine piano without music of Liszt and Rachmaninoff. In the first part of the concert I will perform five plays- fantasies, Op . No. 3 and six "Musical moments ", Op .No. 16 by Sergei Rachmaninoff. This music, which was written by young Rachmaninoff, is full of anxiety and apprehension of something inevitable and tragic. In the second part I will perform Liszt's transcriptions.

 - Do you like modern music? 

 - Real art is always modern, and I do not like this definition in relation to art. It turns out, as if the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and other geniuses is outdated. As for the music of contemporary composers, then, being a performer, I always try to support young artists and perform their works at my concerts. I am always open to everything new and interesting. The main thing is that music was the result of high spirit of the composer, his love, sincerity and good taste.


- Have you ever thought about the necessity to change the format of an academic concert, which has turned into a ritual? 

- I do not even know how to answer this question. I just think about the music and the composer's idea. I think nothing should be changed. It's beautiful as it is.

- What did you get from years of studying and living in the U.S.? 

 - First of all, of course, loved ones, close friends, wonderful teachers, as well as the opportunity to visit the magnificent theaters, museums, concerts of the most prominent artists and bands of the world. I was lucky enough to get to the center of America, the capital of the world - New York. It is nice to feel myself an artist in this country. People are fond of me here. It's priceless.

-What are you going to do after graduation, will you return to Kyrgyzstan or Russia? 

-By the way, I have not told you the good news. After my two-year  internship program in 2013, I applied for Master of Music program (postgraduate) and won a full scholarship and presidential scholarship at our university  This is a big luck- to study for free in such a place and get such a grade . Many people know how expensive education in the United States is ... So after my graduation in 2015, I will try to enter the Doctoral program. My dream is to find my place at a prestigious university and teach talented guys. I think that everything is good in its season.  I will, surely, visit my homeland to help talented children in our country.

 - Are you watching the events in politics, economics, social and cultural life of Kyrgyzstan? If yes, what is your reaction to the most resounding of them?

- From year to year I am less interested in politics, after all, I'm a musician. And the music belongs to everyone, and I have to bring it to people, make them happy, to unite them. I can say that it's my policy.

But I say honestly that I am closely watching the development of Kyrgyzstan. I think that our people deserve the best. Indeed, our country still exists thanks to the work of millions of our ordinary people, scattered around the world. But, in my opinion, we will manage to make a real breakthrough in the case new young forces come to arena.

-Should a creative person participate in the political life of his country?

- Of course he should. But creative work of outstanding people is already a great contribution not only to the potential of their countries, but also to the world culture. Everyone decides for himself what to do. As for the musicians, I can say that they should spent at least 6-7 hours every day on music, so their involvement in politics, I think, would be certainly disastrous for their creative activity.

- May it be that after graduation you will have a desire to contribute to the cultural development of Kyrgyzstan?

 - If my country turns to me for help or advice in matters relating to music in the future, I will certainly do everything to support it.

-When will we have an opportunity to visit your concert in Kyrgyzstan? 

- I will surely come and make listeners happy with beautiful music. But I can not say exactly when it will happen.

 Organization of concerts is a very difficult thing. I, as a performer, can not easy deal with such issues. There are Philharmonic Halls and concert agencies for such purposes in developed countries. Our country has grown a large number of remarkable young performers and they all are ready soloists of our Philharmonic Hall. They should perform worldwide as soloists of the Kyrgyz National Philharmonic Hall. And they come to homeland every two or three years. That will not do. Personally I love to perform at home. We have such a wonderful audience! I would give ten concerts a year. I would play with the orchestra, play chamber music, perform solo - as you wish. But the reality is very different from my desires. So, we need to bring order to the music industry and count on the young managers. I would like my countrymen, like U.S. citizens, to spend evenings visiting good concerts. Our people should demand changes. They pay taxes, so they also have to call the tune.


Photos from personal archive of Azamat Sydykov