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Kyrgyz Weightlifting Federation: Accusation of Izzat Artykov of doping is mind-boggling

Vice President of the Weightlifting Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic Ulanbek Moldodosov commented to 24.kg news agency on deprivation of the weightlifter Izzat Artykov of the bronze medal of the Olympic Games 2016.

According to him, they have learned about Izzat from the media on August 18. They were shocked. "We are accused of using an illicit drug - strychnine. Honestly, I hear about it for the first time. I have looked at its description - it does not give anabolic effect. In 99 percent of cases weightlifters are caught with the anabolic steroids that give muscle mass. But strychnine is psychotropic substance that affects the nervous system," Ulanbek Moldodosov said.

As noted, the weightlifters have done a great job preparing Artykov for performance at the highest level. "We knew where we go. The Olympic Games is not a joke. Everybody is checked for doping there. If we appeal, the sample B will be opened. The leadership of our sport will return from Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympics continue, in two-three days. We will decide what to do," he said.

 "I do not know whether Izzat will be stripped of the prize for the bronze. As for remuneration, we did not think about it when went to the Olympics. Having returned, we were happy that finally pleased the Kyrgyz people with a medal," he added.

 As reported, it is unclear so far whether the International Federation will disqualify Artykov or just cancel his medal. "Weightlifter, in the body of whom anabolic steroids were found, is to be disqualified for two years. But, as I have said, it is other substance. So, the verdict on deprivation of the medal is mind-boggling," Ulanbek Moldodosov concluded.

Recall, the Court of Arbitration for Sport stripped Artykov of the medal because of a positive doping test for a banned substance - strychnine. He performed at the Olympic Games 2016 in the weight category up to 69 kilograms and has lifted 339 kg (151 kg in the snatch + 188 kg in the jerk).