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Over 21,000 crimes registered in Kyrgyzstan during first 9 months 

At least 21,154 crimes were registered in Kyrgyzstan during the first 9 months. It was stated today at the board of the Ministry of Interior, the website of the Ministry reported.

According to it, in comparison with January-September 2015 the number of recorded crimes fell by 5.1 percent. The greatest progress in this respect is in Osh city - 15.7 percent, and the worst in Chui region- reduction by only 0.4 percent.

Bodies of internal affairs investigated 23,384 crimes, solved - 16,548.

About 15, 290,984 tons of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors have been confiscated from the turnover. At least 16, 393 kg of the amount- is opium, 95, 350 kg -hashish, 45, 519 kg- heroin, 1.8 tons - marijuana, 11, 983 tones of cannabis, 114 kg- other kinds of drugs. 

For nine months, 10,518 people, including 1,761 women have been brought to criminal prosecution. Among criminals there are 152 foreigners, including 113 citizens of CIS countries.