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It's all about the date

There are cases in Kyrgyzstan when after any serious incident an officer or security agency employee is fired a week or two before the incident. It is extremely difficult to prove whether it is coincidence or care of a chief. The last of the much talked-of cases is run-over a pedestrian by the former assistant prosecutor of Bishkek.

The sensational detention of the chief of the Road Patrol Service of Bishkek and human resources representative of the service are connected with their backdated dismissal. That is what gave rise to the criminal complaint.

 It is not clear why, but the court chose against Zumrad Dzhanabaeva the harshest measure of restraint - detention. Right after the detention the MPs, the Ombudsman and numerous activists have voiced a request to place her under house arrest referring to the poor health of the woman. She was not even delivered to a remand prison. Zumrad Dzhanabaeva fell ill in the Bishkek pretrial detention center, and she was sent to the National Hospital.

 Later on, the former head of the Road Patrol Service and the head of human resources department Jyldyz Tuleeva, who is also named in the criminal case, were placed under house arrest after all. Although, there were cases, when the courts have taken softer decisions against the persons on remand for more serious crimes. It is unclear what the Themis is guided by. Although it is possible that the investigation has other materials related to the case.

24.kg news agency got a document that is indirectly, and, perhaps, directly related to their detention. The Ministry of Emergency Situations sent to the Road Patrol Service a document, the secretariat has set a stamp of outgoing message dated November 7, 2015.

However, the Bishkek traffic police in Bishkek have stamped it the day before in such a way covering the backdated dismissal of the employee. Let's assume that the MES has made a mistake in the date, but the document has been sent by fax, and there is "7 Nov" on it. It is not known whether the district prosecutor's office has paid attention to this fact.


In the meantime, the society was divided into two parts. Several NGO representatives, including former law enforcement officers, organized a press conference and stated that Zumrad Dzhanabaeva should become the head of the new service - the patrol police. Lawyer Ulan Dzhumakov believes that with her appointment the situation on the roads has changed for the better.

"Such employees, as she should head RPS branches. It was she who had to lead the new patrol police department. As of today, I do not see other candidates to the post," he said.

 According to the Road Patrol Service of the Interior Ministry, the number of registered traffic accidents in the country has decreased in the last two years. However, the service did not take into account the fact that if there are no victims, the drivers usually solve the problem at site without the traffic police inspectors. The proof is pictures that were posted on social networks and forums.

During one of the last sessions of the City Council, its deputies have found the work of the chief of Bishkek traffic police Zumrad Dzhanabaeva unsatisfactory. Deputy Rysbay Amatov said that the heads of Bishkek Road Patrol Service can not cope even with minimal responsibilities.

Opposing views is a common occurrence in similar notable cases. And only an investigation will show how serious was the offense committed by the former head of the Road Patrol Service of the capital and her subordinate. And whether there was a single scheme with dates, which can be called "purely coincidental". Although the prosecutor's office and other state authorities should pay close attention to the facts related to the layoffs, tendering and backdated procurement. There, certainly, can be found a lot of interesting things.